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Fun and Focus

Our focus is to make learning fun!

"Play and learning go hand-in-hand.
They are not separate activities.  They are intertwined.  Think about them as a science lecture with a lab.  Play is the child’s lab. Children practice and reinforce their learning in multiple areas during play.  It gives them a place and a time for learning that cannot be achieved through completing a worksheet.  For example, in playing restaurant, children write and draw menus, set prices, take orders, and make out checks.  Play provides rich learning opportunities and leads to children’s success and self-esteem."  -
National Association for the Education of Young Children


In addition to bringing your child in to "open play", each week we have a different themed learning opportunity. Centered around those themes we have daily, teacher-led Fun & Focus Labs (FFLs). In these FFLs we will introduce science, geography, colors, letters, numbers, art and more!

These Fun & Focus Labs are included with your daily admission and take place Monday through Friday at 10:30 and 1:30.   Children are free to choose whether or not to participate in the labs.

In addition to our Fun & Focus Labs, we plan to implement additional weekend programs that range from cooking, art, gardening, and more! 


Be sure to follow us on fb for events and details!

Children learn through their play.

Don’t underestimate the value of play. Children learn and develop:

~cognitive skills – like math and problem solving in a pretend grocery store
~physical abilities – like balancing blocks and running on the playground
~new vocabulary – like the words they need to play with toy dinosaurs
~social skills – like playing together in a pretend car wash
~literacy skills – like creating a menu for a pretend restaurant


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